Buyer's Corner

Buying at auction is a great way to find bargains on everyday using items, specialty antiques and collectibles, and anything else you could find yourself needing.  Many people enjoy skipping the stores and buying at auction to save money.  Others enjoy auctions because it gives them the opportunity to purchase items that can no longer be found at the store such as guns and firearms, antiques, furniture, and equipment from yesteryear.  Some people also enjoying buying at auction when they know the previous owner of the equipment and have an honest idea of the treatment the items have had in their past.

We make it easy for you to find the items you’re shopping for, too.  We advertise our upcoming auctions extensively, so you can plan to attend some of the best real estate auctions in Missouri, or be in the crowd to bid at the most exceptional heavy equipment auctions or farm equipment auctions in Missouri.  Of course, we hold a wide variety of personal property auctions as well. 

We take pride in making you always feel welcomed at our auctions.  Our professional auctioneers and staff are courteous, friendly, and helpful to all our guests.  Our team has worked together for many years, and makes it a point to treat you like we would like to be treated.

The lunch wagon will be waiting to serve you a fine lunch, deserts, cold drinks, and coffee to make your auction experience more enjoyable, and portable bathrooms are provided for your comfort and convenience.

Be sure to show up to our auctions at least 30 minutes early to grab some refreshments, and preview the items that are going to be auctioned that day.  We know that all of our customers’ time is very important, so once the selling begins; we don’t waste much time auctioning.